Introducing Eattsy, Your Digital Recipe Box

How a bisabuela’s lost recipes, a mom’s recipe box, an engineering student, and a vision for learning turned into a food company…

While the statement “build it and they will come” is contested at best, the statement “cook it and they will come” is almost a de facto rule of life. In a world of divisions, I find that for almost all, food is a unifying factor, and a way to spread love, culture, heritage, value, and warmth (not necessarily in temperature though). It’s literally who we are, down to our microscopic level, and is a pure representation of what we have become.

In my own life, I’ve been raised by a half-Cuban and half-German-American family. In other terms, some nights my family would be experimenting with Hispanic cultural foods, and on other nights, hot dogs. But I loved my childhood, and those foods are an important facet of who I am. So, when I started to teach myself to cook in college, I wanted to share my learnings (through food), and share both recipes & ideas for food with those around me.

And That Process Lead To An Opportunity

You see, learning to cook for me was something like this: I wanted to learn to cook ______, let’s call it X. So, I went online and found different options for X. Afterwards, I went to the store and got the ingredients, then made it. If I wanted to make changes, I could write out the recipe or simply record the link in a notepad. Sometimes I could review the recipe, but that depending on the software of the platform.

The opportunity/problem is as follows:

  1. Storing the recipes I made and the combinations I put them in (dinner ideas, type of food, etc.) became a challenge and would require me to repeat links constantly creating serious disorganization and a giant mess in my notes.
  2. When I had my own recipes, I struggled to find ways to write them out. Most of the other recipes I had were seen through links to websites, but I didn’t have a personal website for my own recipes, nor did I want to create one.
  3. When it came to categorizing recipes on these sites based on what was important to me in my life, that was essentially impossible. I was not able to categorize based on the dietary restrictions I was pertaining to, what I am interested in, and what I liked. Instead, most of the results were based on the content that the company/blog itself was producing. In addition, coming from a family and having friends with food allergies, this became something that was a challenge if the service didn’t have a solution for this.

From Opportunity to Service

When I decided to turn this opportunity into an online service, I did not think it would be a startup project, but more of a side hustle to solve a personal problem in my own life. Therefore, the facets that led to its development were purely based on betting the process for myself and for hundreds of others I had the opportunity to interview. But instead of simply listing that out, I want to tell you those lessons through stories solely from my own life (I didn’t want to publish others’ stories).

My Bisabuela’s Lost Recipes: Security & Personalization

Many times when food was spoken of as a child, I had the opportunity to hear about my bisabuela, the grandmother of my mother, a strong Cuban refugee, and woman named Rosa Manuela Altuve. She was a very loving woman and one of the ways that she shared said love was through cooking authentic Cuban cuisine. To all that knew her, she was an amazing chef who put a great deal of care into her food. But, SHE was the only one who put that care in because she only recorded the recipes in her memory and only verbally shared them when you cooked with her.

She believed that the recipes were personal to her and should be shown through her own two hands. In addition, she didn’t want her recipes given to others without her permission. But when she passed away, those recipes didn’t go to anybody because nobody could remember how to make them. Those authentic Cuban dishes were lost by my family to time.

When we built Eattsy, security was forefront and each recipe & makelist (I explain later down) has the option to be private to you and to you alone. That means that you can record all of these things and have no concern about people close to you sharing them with others without your permission. In addition, you can have the same customization capabilities with these locked recipes meaning you can add them to makelists, both private and public, and put them in different categories. No matter what, others outside of your own account won’t be able to access them.

My Mother’s Recipe Box: Organization & Personalization

Ever since I was young, my mother has had a brown recipe box that she keeps in my pantry. While only in the corner, this box tended to dawn the kitchen counter and become a staple of each meal. She would pull recipes out that were in her own organization system and she knew where everything was. When she asked us to find a recipe, it was a nightmare, because we would have no idea (keep in mind that there were hundreds of recipes in specific & unique categories) and if you admitted defeat, she would come over and pull it out in a split second. I still believe that she loves how it humbled us.

But also, her recipes were personalized to the level that she wanted. With so much knowledge, some recipes were only a name, direction, and ingredients. Others were detailed with dietary restrictions, cook times, and notes. It was important to her that there were always the basics, but the rest was up to her discretion.

When we built Eattsy, we took a different path from conventional services and made the service only require 4 facets for each recipe (name, a direction, an ingredient, and serving size). We do this because those are facets of every recipe card we found as we scoured the internet and our communities. Everything else came and went, and therefore on Eattsy, recipes do the same.

Engineering Student Turned Health Nut: Exploration & Discovery

I come from a loving family, but also a family that has struggled with heart disease and cancer in the past. Therefore, I’ve read a great deal about health with food, preventing cancer through dishes, and customizing to the needs in your life. Therefore, when I looked for recipes, I started to only look at pages that had the types of things that I was looking for. I tended to gather most of my recipes from sites associated with people preaching those goals.

In fact, many of my breakfast ideas that I have learned a great deal about cooking are from cancer and super living books from around the globe. I found it was too much of a task to sort through websites of very different software calibers and find exactly what I was looking for.

While Eattsy’s explore tool is still in production as we build a recipe master selection, our tools are based around giving people a set system to filter exactly what they are looking for and pin what they want for later. While it is important to have recipes from those professionals (and you can follow them on Eattsy), it is also important to find all the recipes that fit into the health and dietary box you laid out. Through that, you can reap the same benefits while also expanding your palate exponentially. By opening the door to making different types of foods, cooking and eating can become not only a part of your life that supports preventing these terrible diseases but a beautiful part as well.

The Overlooked Stories

I am grateful to say that there are hundreds of stories that went into the creation of this product gathered from people over the internet, in my local communities, and based on past references. While these are only my stories as I did not attempt to ask permission to share those stories, over time, I will make sure to share how Eattsy works to solve more stories and bring light to beautiful people around the world.

The Other Eattsy Details

When we finalized the idea for Eattsy, we broke down everything into a few different facets.

  1. Recipes: Our recipes offer more flexibility than any other website on the internet. Easy to create, mobilize, and share, these recipes offer the ability to share what is closest to your heart and your stomach. With our tags, you can have the same, if not more, customization than your traditional recipe box and with our search, it's easy to go through your personal recipes.
  2. Makelists: When we saw a desire to create combinations based on traditions, cultures, meals, times of the year, etc. we created makelists as a solution. Makelists are essentially playlists, but for recipes. You can create makelist, give it a name, and attach as many recipes as you would like. From there, you can share one makelist with many recipes instead of many recipes separately.
  3. Your Recipe Box: When it comes to your makelists and your recipes, you can find all of this in your recipe box. This is where you can keep everything, categorize things according to your needs, and hold for the long haul. Designed to be even more efficient than a physical recipe box, this tool gives you the power of search, display, color, and beauty.
  4. Explore: The ability to explore Eattsy and its recipes & makelists is a critical part of the experience. We want you to be able to add your own preferences, and cultural interests, and save what is important to you. Whenever you come back to, those options will be available to you whenever you want to get started.
  5. Your Chef Page: Your Chef page is where the world can see a little bit more about you as well as all of your recipes & makelists that are public. As a great way to see what types of food that you are known for cooking (healthy, cultural, large, small, dense, nutrient-rich, etc.), this is a great way to share what you know and develop a community around food.

Let’s Start Cooking

If you want to experience all of this and get started, we hope you stop by We’re grateful to say that we’ve had new members join from around the world and begin to partake in sharing, creating, and managing both recipes & makelists.

We may be a small startup, but we’re incredibly passionate about sharing and building a recipe wonderland. Any and all help is so dearly appreciated for this mission and we can’t wait to see what we cook up as one unified community.

Thanks and see you on the kitchen floor!

Nathan, Founder & The Eattsy Team



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